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Emergency Preparedness Week May 5-11 2019

Emergency Preparedness Week is an initiative organised by Public Safety Canada in collaboration with the Provinces, Territories, and other partners.

Click on the below link to the Alberta Emergency Management Agency website to learn about personal and household emergency preparedness strategies to make yourself and your loved ones safer in the event of an emergency.

Here you will find additional links to planning guides on subjects such as:

  • Building an emergency kit for your home or vehicle
  • Emergency preparedness for people with special needs
  • Emergency preparedness for pets and livestock


Remember: "Know The Risks, Make a Plan, Get an Emergency Kit"


Posted On Jun 26, 2017


Although often more severe in Southern Alberta than the North or Central region of the Province wind can be devastating. A tornado is capable of severe damage to vegetation, structures and has caused the loss of lives. Wind often precedes an advancing…

Posted On Jun 22, 2017

What is a State of Local Emergency

  A State of Local Emergency (SOLE) is a legal process completed by a Municipality under the provisions of the Alberta Emergency Management Act, Revised Stautes of Alberta 2000 Chapter E-6.8. The SOLE allows municipalities extraordinary powers to effectively…

Posted On Jun 15, 2017

Flood Warning!

Overland flooding can happen instantly when more rain or snow melt accumulates and the earth is already saturated or unable to soak up the excess volumes. Overland flooding does not only happen in river channels it can occur anywhere. Overland flooding…