In 2015 the municipalities of Sturgeon County began to formalize a unified approach to emergency planning and preparedness. The six municipalities, Sturgeon County, Morinville, Gibbons, Redwater, Bon Accord and Legal initiated a singular by-law that was adopted by each municipality. This bylaw allows for a partnership approach to events that are considered to be multi-jurisdictional in nature. Within the partnership's terms of reference the municipalities agreed to a funding formula and created an Emergency Response Plan. The partnership will assist each municipality in the training and the responding of resources. The entire process was then approved by a Ministerial Order received from the Minister of Municipal Affairs.

Three of the most important provisions of the partnership is that annually the plan will be reviewed and a current Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Analysis will be completed for each municipality and the region as a whole. Additionally each year the municipalities will review their training needs and coordinate role specific training through the Alberta Emergency Management Agency and other regional resources. As well a common communication strategy will be available to the municipalities to provide emergency preparedness education throughout the area.

Should you wish to contact your municipality for emergency preparedness information please use the logos on the bottom of our home page to connect directly to their home page. 

Welcome to the Sturgeon Regional Emergency Management Partnership and our municipalities!


Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Analysis



One of the mandates of the Regional Partnership is the annual review of the Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Analysis carried out during the preparation of the Regional Plan. The importance of this task is that each municipality has various risks and vulnerabilities due to the industrial, transportation, agricultural, environmental, recreational or commercial enterprise that is carried out there.  The hazards presented in the analysis are the skeleton of the planning process that is undertaken to prepare for events that may strike a given area. These are the risks and vulnerabilities  that you should be prepared for with your Family Emergency Plan and your 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness Kit.

Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Analysis

Sturgeon County Protective Services

Sturgeon County Protective Services is comprised of three service, Emergency Services/Fire, Enforcement Services and Animal Control. Mandate - " Sturgeon County Protective Services is committed to providing Sturgeon County residents, visitors and community partners with an effective emergency and enforcement service through professional response and education." We are "Committed to Community."

Emergency Services/Fire is provided throughout Sturgeon County by eight (8) full time staff and approximately 170 paid - on call/volunteer fire fighters working from seven (7) fire departments. Sturgeon County has four District Fire Departments located in Bon Accord, Calahoo, Namao and Redwater along with three Fire Service Agreements in place with the towns of Gibbons, Legal and Morinville. Crews deal with approximately 1000 responses annually varying from fires, motor vehicle collisions, wild land/grass fires and alarms.

Enforcement Services is carried out by six (6) Peace Officers and one (1) Animal Control Officer. Sturgeon County provides contract enforcement services to the Towns of Bon Accord, Gibbons and Legal. Officers action over 1200 requests for service annually.

Municipal Emergency Management Planning - Sturgeon County, Sturgeon County Protective Services has formed a regional partnership with the Towns of Bon Accord, Gibbons, Legal, Morinville and Redwater that allows for all municipalities to work together during a large scale emergency to ensure the best response and results for all residents impacted. 

Redwater Bylaw Services

The Town of Redwater Bylaw Enforcement Officer plays a very important role during an emergency response. In addition to the many response roles the Enforcement Officer may be required to attend to, the Bylaw officer is responsible for assisting with any pets that may show up at the reception center as well as any stray animals left behind in the emergency.

Due to the possibility of allergies or phobias, as well as regulations regarding animals in food service locations, pets are not allowed in reception centers. Alternate locations, away from the threat of the event, must be located for animals that need shelter as much as their owners do. This is the responsibility of the Bylaw Enforcement Officer.

Equally important is the role the officer plays in securing animals who have been left behind either intentionally or because their owner was not able to get to them when the evacuation was ordered. Many of these animals are scare, confused and can be aggressive. Once again the Bylaw Officer will be called upon to assist by making sure the animals are safe, registered and looked after. This is no easy task for one person.

Gibbons Emergency Response

Gibbons FIre Department has been around since 1939 making it the oldest department in Sturgeon County. Manned by 25 volunteers the department responds at all hours of the day and night to various calls including but not limited to motor vehicle collisions, fires, medical assists and any other emergency that may arise. The Department strives to deliver the quickest, professional and reliable service to not only the Town of Gibbons but to Sturgeon County residents, neighboring municipalities and any travelers passing through the area.