Reception Centres

A reception centre may be set up to connect displaced individuals with important resources, like shelter, food and medical care. Reception centres are also where you’d register if you had to evacuate or were impacted by an emergency.

If you go to a reception centre, it is recommended that you bring your emergency kit with you.

Pets may not be allowed in all reception centres. Take steps to identify pet-friendly hotels or pet boarding facilities in and out of your local area. Be prepared to leave your pets with a relative or friend and have your pets’ emergency kit ready to ensure their needs can be met.

What Not to Bring to a Reception Centre 

Some items are generally not allowed at reception centres due to potential risks such as injury or allergic reaction. The following items generally are not allowed:

  • large quantities of fuel such as gasoline, diesel and propane
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • alcohol or cannabis products
  • street drugs
  • pets (may be redirected to alternate locations)
  • weapons such as knives, clubs and chains

If a reception centre is set up, authorities will tell you what you can and can’t bring.