#BePrepared - Week 8

Now it is time to bring it all together so you can #BePrepared in 2022!

Week #8 – Make an emergency plan

The 2021 Survey of Albertans shows only 27% of Albertans have a household emergency plan, and less are aware of the emergency plans at their loved ones facilities (such as their children’s school or a family members care home).

Disasters and emergencies often cause confusion and distress. In the most serious situations, having an emergency plan can save a life. More often, it can help you cope with the stress and navigate the situation more quickly so you can get back to your life and work sooner. 

You can start building your plan by visiting Get Prepared to access a digital personal emergency planning tool.

For more ideas on how to make preparedness a habit all year long, visit alberta.ca/CommunityPrep.