#BePrepared - Water Shortages

As we’ve seen in Calgary and surrounding areas recently, water shortages can happen at any moment for a variety of reasons and vary in duration. #BePrepared and learn what you can do to protect yourself and others before, during, and after water shortage.
• If you have received notice of a shortage and don’t have supplies gathered in preparation, head to your local store to get what you need including purified water, food items that don’t require water to cook, etc.
• Stay informed by monitoring your trusted communication sources for updates and restrictions in your area. Check 211 Alberta if you need help finding those resources.   
• Store water for emergencies in an FDA/Health Canada regulated food-grade storage container if possible. Otherwise, use an unbreakable container with a tight-fitting lid and narrow opening for pouring.
• Practice water conservation—take shorter showers of 5 minutes or less; turn water off while soaping hands, scrubbing dishes, or brushing teeth; plant drought tolerant plants, etc.
If you’re affected by a water shortage, or wish to have resources to prepare for one, download this BePrepared PDF to know what to do when water supply is affected.