#BePrepared - Did you know

Did you know that being ready for an emergency is called emergency preparedness? Here are some tips to make emergency preparedness part of your routine:

• Start a conversation: Talking about emergencies is taking preparedness action.
• Know the risks: Learn about hazards in your community so you can plan for them.
• Make a plan: An emergency plan can reduce the disruption, help you cope and navigate the situation better.
• Get informed: Sign up for emergency warning notifications and follow your trusted sources of information.
• Build a kit: Having an emergency kit at home, work and in your vehicle ensures you have what you need if you have to leave quickly.
• Financial resilience: Insurance is a financial safety net. It can reduce financial hardship and help you recover quicker.
• Make connections: Knowing the members of your community before an emergency makes it easier to ask for help and offer help when it’s needed most.

Want to be more prepared? The Government of Alberta developed the Be Prepared program to help. Visit alberta.ca/CommunityPrep to learn more.