First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

These are some of the things that your first aid kit should contain:

__  assortment of bandaids          __  sterile eye pads

__  several triangular bandages    __   disposable gloves                    

__  elastic styled bandages           __  tweezers & scissors                                     

__  tape for dressings      __  thermometer (in protective case)    __  skin rash cream

__  insect bite relief kit    __  antiseptic cream                             __  cough medicine

__  antihistamines           __  pain killers (adult & child)            __  non-alcohol swabs 

__  safety pins                 __  first aid manual                   __water purification tablets  

 __  eye wash / wound cleansing distilled water      __  various sterile gauze dressings             


Evacuation Supplies

Evacuation Center

Evacuation Center

Pets are not allowed in reception centers however you need to plan for their safety during an evacuation: __ pet ID tags     __  pet leashes      __  pet medications      __  pet water / food dishes      __  recent photo

Disabilities are considered when configuring a reception center however sometimes physical barricades exist: __  walker / scooter / cane     __  personal medical supplies      __  medications  __  contact information for support worker / association      __  copy of prescriptions or special needs products 

Children have limited play options in reception centers: __  passports or child identification information     __  small games (cards or electronics)      __ favorite toy      __  extra clothing      __  medications      __  contact information if separated 

Documents:   __  birth certificates / passports      __  vehicle & home insurance information      __  health care card      __  Computers (ipads, ipods, ear buds, chargers)   __  important legal papers (home title, ownership documents, etc)     __  marriage certificate      __  tax returns      __  bank information

Money:   __  blank cheques      __  cash      __  cheque books      __  credit / debit cards      __  wallet / purse      __  bank books

Medications:    __  analgesics      __  first aid kit       __  motion sickness      __  dentures     __  prescription glasses      __  prescription hearing aids      __  prescriptions      __  medic alert information or id tags 

Jewelry / Sentimental:    medals/awards/honors/pins      __  family heirlooms / irreplaceable keepsakes      __ family bible      __  original paintings, photos, slides, movies, etc      __  gold/silver/precious and semi precious items

 Food / Water / Toiletries:      __ manual can opener      __  non-perishable ready to each food      __ pet food      __  water (1 gallon per person per day)     __ sanitary devices / supplies      __  personal hygiene items (soap, shaving, deodorant, sanitary items)      __  tooth brushes / paste      __  towels / wash cloths 

Clothing:     __ one complete change of clothes per person      __  several pairs of underwear /socks per person      __  coats/ jackets/ footwear to suit the season      __ sleepwear (could be in a dormitory style set up)

Time Permitting:     __  camera's / chargers / cell phones      __  covered container (emergency toilet)      __  flashlight/ extra batteries      __  portable radio and extra batteries      __  Reading and recreational items


Preparing My Home For Evacuation



If Time Permits!!!!

__ Shut off your utilities, gas, water, power

__ Remove all ornaments and suspended items like wind chimes or bird feeders from trees

__ Bring all yard furnishings, bikes, trash cans, toys and outside items into the house and secure

__ Empty fridges and deep freezes of contents and block doors or lids open

__ Close and lock all windows

__ Elevate expensive items such as chesterfields, chairs, mattresses, wooden furniture as far off the floor as possible

__ Wrap electronics in layers of protective plastic wrap and tape securely to prevent water infiltration

__ Lock all doors and remove any "emergency keys" you have hidden outside


When you return:

__ Has your home been inspected to make sure power, water and gas have been restored and there are no leaks

__ Do not open sealed fridges or deep freezes if power has been off during the evacuation

__ Flooding will cause damage inside your walls so make sure they are properly ventilated 

__ Work with your insurance company to make informed decisions about your home and needed repairs