Watches & Warnings

Alberta Emergency Alert

Alberta Emergency Alert

Environment Canada issues Watches and Warnings for severe weather events that may occur in your area.

 A "Special Weather Statement" is the least urgent type of alert and are issued for unusual conditions that could cause concern

A "Weather Advisory" is issued for specific weather events (blowing snow) that are less severe but could still significantly impact your area

A "Weather Watch" is issued for weather conditions that are favorable for a storm or severe weather to develop

A"Severe Weather Warning" is an urgent message that severe weather is either occurring or will occur. Warning are issued as much as 24 hours in advance or as little as a half an hour.


Alberta Emergency Alert assists you in being prepared by providing you with critical information about immediate disaster, where it is occurring and what action you need to take. Alberta Emergency Alerts are not weather specific and are distributed by Radio/Television, Internet, RSS Feed, Social Media, Road Signage and the Alberta Emergency Alert App. Alerts are issued by municipalities for emergency situations and by the police for Amber Alerts.

Other emergency sources include media outlets and the Weather Network. These services are free and could save your life. Download yours today!

Alberta Health Services (AHS) may also issue advisories but for different reasons then Environment Canada. AHS will monitor air quality and provide an advisory as air quality diminishes. This service is important especially to those persons with respiratory illnesses or assisted breathing apparatus, Likewise AHS may issue a boil water advisory when drinking water becomes contaminated, or likely is contaminated. AHS may also provide information on infections and diseases that are present in reception centers during an evacuation. In any case AHS will always qualify their advisory with precautionary steps to take to reduce the risk of you becoming sick or infected by the event. Listen carefully to the instructions provided by AHS and follow them.

NR CAER: Many of the municipalities in the Sturgeon Regional Emergency Management Partnership belong to an organization called NR CAER. This stands for Northeast Region Community Awareness Emergency Response. One of the key advantages provided by NR CAER is the Update Line. Municipalities and industry are able to upload messages about events going on within the NR CAER boundaries so that citizens can be alerted to events before or as they are happening. The toll free number for you to call is 1 866 653 9959.