How Will I Know Where To Go

Reception Center

Reception Center

        In the event of a Regional Emergency Response the partner municipalities will band together to assist each other, not only with emergency responders, but with resources to assist evacuees at Reception Centers. This may mean that the Reception Center is not in your municipality. Listen carefully to directions provided by the affected municipalities and use the listings below to locate an active Reception Center near you!




 There are no Reception Centers Active at this time.


Evacuation Center

Evacuation Center

Pets are not allowed in reception centers however you need to plan for their safety during an evacuation: __ pet ID tags     __  pet leashes      __  pet medications      __  pet water / food dishes      __  recent photo

Disabilities are considered when configuring a reception center however sometimes physical barricades exist: __  walker / scooter / cane     __  personal medical supplies      __  medications  __  contact information for support worker / association      __  copy of prescriptions or special needs products 

Children have limited play options in reception centers: __  passports or child identification information     __  small games (cards or electronics)      __ favorite toy      __  extra clothing      __  medications      __  contact information if separated 

Documents:   __  birth certificates / passports      __  vehicle & home insurance information      __  health care card      __  Computers (ipads, ipods, ear buds, chargers)   __  important legal papers (home title, ownership documents, etc)     __  marriage certificate      __  tax returns      __  bank information

Money:   __  blank cheques      __  cash      __  cheque books      __  credit / debit cards      __  wallet / purse      __  bank books

Medications:    __  analgesics      __  first aid kit       __  motion sickness      __  dentures     __  prescription glasses      __  prescription hearing aids      __  prescriptions      __  medic alert information or id tags 

Jewelry / Sentimental:    medals/awards/honors/pins      __  family heirlooms / irreplaceable keepsakes      __ family bible      __  original paintings, photos, slides, movies, etc      __  gold/silver/precious and semi precious items

 Food / Water / Toiletries:      __ manual can opener      __  non-perishable ready to each food      __ pet food      __  water (1 gallon per person per day)     __ sanitary devices / supplies      __  personal hygiene items (soap, shaving, deodorant, sanitary items)      __  tooth brushes / paste      __  towels / wash cloths 

Clothing:     __ one complete change of clothes per person      __  several pairs of underwear /socks per person      __  coats/ jackets/ footwear to suit the season      __ sleepwear (could be in a dormitory style set up)

Time Permitting:     __  camera's / chargers / cell phones      __  covered container (emergency toilet)      __  flashlight/ extra batteries      __  portable radio and extra batteries      __  Reading and recreational items

What Not to Bring to a Reception Center

The evacuation process is implemented to make people safe and comfortable in a stressful and difficult time. For this reason some items are not permitted at the reception center due to their illegality, dangerous nature or allergic reactions. Here are a few examples of prohibited items:

__    Large quantities of fuel (gasoline, diesel, propane)     __    Firearms and Ammunition

__    Alcohol                                                                   __    Street drugs

__    Pets ( will be redirected to alternate locations)           __    Weapons (Knives, Clubs, Chains, etc.)

Preparing Your Home For Evacuation

Interior wall damage from flooding

Interior wall damage from flooding


__ shut off your utilities, gas, water, power

__ remove all ornaments and suspended items like wind chimes or bird feeders from treas

__ bring all yard furnishings, bikes, trash cans, toys and outside items into the house and secure

__ empty fridges and deep freezes of contents and block doors and lids open

__ close and lock all windows

__ elevate expensive items such as chesterfields, chairs, mattresses, wooden furniture as far off the floor as possible

__ wrap electronics in layers of plastic wrap and tape securely to prevent water infiltration

__ lock all doors and remove any "emergency keys" you have hidden outside


Returning Home

Depending on the event returning home may be more difficult and traumatic then the original evacuation. In many cases floods, tornadoes and fire have destroyed valuables, keepsakes and our homes. In other cases mold, extended loss of electricity and toxic residues make our homes uninhabitable. It is important that before returning to your home the "All Clear" has been sounded and any inspections that are required have been completed by qualified personnel.

When you return:

__ has your home been inspected to make sure power, water and gas have been restored and there are no leaks

__ do not open sealed fridges or deep freezes if power has been off during the evacuation

__ flooding will cause damage inside your walls so make sure they are properly ventilated

__ work with your insurance company to make informed decisions about your home and needed repairs

__ structural damage may not be visible so make sure if the event has been severe to get professional assistance

__ do not put yourself at risk by moving heavy items without help or by overworking to get things done

__ seek medical help immediately if you become overwhelmed or stressed by your tasks ahead

__ most reception centers or Emergency Communication Centers will have volunteer lists on hand, Ask for Help!