72 Hour Emergency Preparedness

72 hour Emergency Kit

typical 72 Hour Kit

typical 72 Hour Kit


Pets cannot be forgotten in your emergency preparedness planning. Plan their safety by ensuring that they have:            __ pet ID tags                                   __  pet medications       __  pet water / food & dishes            __  recent photo                __ leashes/harnesses/muzzles        __ veterinarian records

Disabilities are difficult to plan for as each situation varies. Examine your personal needs to be more able to cope with uncomfortable situations and to better assist emergency responders. Do you need a:                                              __  walker / scooter / cane                   __  special personal medical supplies                  __ special medications                          __  special medical equipment                          __  contact information for support worker / associations                                                  __  copies of special prescriptions (controlled substances)

Essentials for communication and obtaining incident information. They include:                 __ crank style flashlight                                          __ crank style radio                             __ whistle / horn or loud sound maker                   __ flare or led styled bright light

Children have limited play options during emergency situations or at Reception Centers. Internet and cell service may be limited at best. Plan for this with:                     __ small games (cards, dice, board)         __ favorite toy / blanket                                 __ small books or coloring books             __ Electronic games / movies with charger

Children also require:                                                                                                            __ identification (Passport / photograph / personal information)                                  __  extra clothing                                               __  medications                                    __  contact information if separated                 __ ear buds for electronic games              __ Ear protection for small children                  __ bedding

Medications can best be contained in a well stocked first aid kit that could include:        __  analgesics                    __ antacids                              __ ointments / creams            __  first aid supplies           __  motion sickness                 __  denture supplies        __  eye glasses                   __ hearing aids & batteries                                                      __  prescriptions                __  medic alert information or id tags                                      __ cold / cough remedies 

Jewelry / Sentimentalare best kept secured in a lockable box or small safe and should not be opened in public view. Reception Centers do not offer secure storage and remember space is limited for:                                                                                   __ medals/awards/honors/pins        __  family heirlooms / irreplaceable keepsakes       __ family bible                                     __  original pictures / photos / slides                    __  gold/silver/precious and semi precious items                 __ cash

Food / Water / Toiletries are essentials needed for 72 hours of daily living:                   __ manual can opener                                            __ drink powders / candy               __ non perishable ready to eat foods                     __  tooth brushes / paste                     __ water (4 liters per person per day)                    __  towels / wash cloths                   __ plastic bags (raincoats, garbage, toilet)             __ Toilet paper                                    __ fly swatter                                                                                                                __  personal hygiene items (soap, shaving, deodorant, sanitary items) 

Clothing has to be suitable for at least three days of changing weather. Remember there may not be laundry services for several days. Young people may have anxiety issues that may affect their clothing needs. If you are able pack at least:                       __ one complete change of clothes per person                                                                __  several pairs of underwear /socks per person                                                          __  coats/ jackets/ footwear to suit the season                                                              __ sleepwear (could be in a dormitory style set up)

REMEMBER emergency evacuations can happen very quickly often without a lot of time to retrieve items. Being prepared is critical to your safety and comfort. These are some other items you can take depending on how prepared your are and how much time and space you have:                                                                                                      __  camera's / chargers / cell phones       __  covered container (emergency toilet)        __ backup flashlight & extra batteries       __  backup portable radio & extra batteries  __  Reading & recreational items               __ computers or tablets                              __ cots/air mattresses/bedding

Family Emergency Plan

Preparing and practicing a Family Emergency Plan will make sure you are ready in the event of an emergency. Making a Family Emergency Plan will take less than 1/2 hour (see: www.aema.alberta.ca or www.getprepared.gc.ca ) for an easy to use online template. Pick a date to practice your plan each year, once in the summer and once in the winter. It could save your life.

Documents, and certified copies are important especially if the family is not together at the time of evacuation. Protection of your personal information can be accomplished in a number of ways. Scanned copies on an encrypted thumb drive is only one. Make sure you have:                                                                                                                       __  birth certificates / passports                     __  insurance policies                                 __  health care card                                         __  hard drives, flash drives, passwords   __  titles & deeds                                             __  marriage certificate                               __  tax returns                                                  __  bank information                                   __ credit card contact numbers                      __ important phone numbers

Money may be extremely important especially if the internet is down and shops and banks cannot process debit cards. Keep a very small limit credit card in your kit for use only in an emergency. A plan should have:                                                                         __  blank cheques                                          __  small amount of cash                             __  credit / debit cards                                  __  wallet / purse                                        __  bank books

Floorplans / Maps are not only important for you during emergencies they could be important to emergency responders trying to search residential areas for survivors. Your plan should include:                                                                                                   __ home floor plan with exits                                     __  office or work space floor plan   __  neighborhood with exits                                       __  area map of grid roads

Phone Lists / Contact Information are extremely important during emergency situations. We can forget names and numbers during stressful situations and we may be injured and not able to respond to care giver's questions. Keep a list of:                     __  daycare / school                                   __  office                                                         __ relatives (near and far)                          __  insurance Carrier                                    __  Municipality

 Whenever possible use water tight containers and make sure everything has your contact phone number on it.